Matchmaking Software for Marriage Bureau and Marriage Agency

Matchmaking software is a CRM system used to manage the client details, shortlist the suitable matches based on client requirements and send the matches to the client from the CRM software. Staff can create tasks and followups against the client. The task becomes visible to them when its due and staff and take suitable action. Match making software makes the life easy for marriage bureau and marriage agency who provide personalised Indian matrimonial services.

Features of marriage agency CRM software

Manage Clients Profile:

  • Add / Update profile (name, date of birth, religion, caste, sub caste, complexion, Personality, Eye Sight, Disability, Disease and 20 More..., Education & Occupation (5), Family Profile (10), Contact Details (17), Multiple Photographs, Upload Biodata and 3 More)
  • List profile
  • View profile
  • Search profile (name, gender, religion, caste, age, height, city, manglik, budget, qualification and 14 More...)

Manage Staff:

  • Add / Update staff
  • List staff
  • View staff and staff reports with filters

Manage Task

  • Add / Update task
  • List task
  • View task
  • Followup task
  • Search task (Title, Client Name, Task Category, Task Date, Staff)

Manage Settings

  • Profile Sourced From
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Native State
  • Business Type
  • Work Location
  • Qualification