Technology has evaded every sphere of our life and it has shown its effect in the field of travel management too. Car rental companies in the recent times, have shown the elevation, is far from what, we could have imagined. It is all because of the technological advancement, that the car rental companies are capable of providing a smooth and organized service to its customers. Car rental software is to be credited for making stride in the world of travel Management. Our responsive car rental software with native apps (Android & iOS), is specially designed for travel management companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies and tour operators to cater clients worldwide.

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Online Car Rental software

Car rental software has made life easy for the car rental companies, through adding features like taking reservation, tracking of the vehicles and monitoring rate management. Though these features were available earlier, but with the implementation of car rental software, these features has been standardized and any car rental company irrelevant of its size has the capability of dominating the car rental market. Every car rental company present in the market has implemented the car booking software to survive the competitive market.

Easy Management of Booking and Quotation

Installation of the Car booking software helps the Car Rental Companies to manage the quotes or booking, immediately after the customer inquire about the same through their mobile or through the company's website. The Car Rental Software helps in managing your business through a simplified process of effective management of fleet efficiency. It also allows the customer to know about the booking status along with adding the element of customer satisfaction.


Vehicle fleet along with the management and the scheduling of Rental are the important elements for the success of any Car rental company. User defined vehicle definition, vehicle make and model forms a part of customization achieved through best car rental software . It is possible to track the cost of the vehicle through providing details of schedules and workshop servicing.


Car Rental Software makes the process of reporting easy for the Car rental company by providing options like daily reporting, monthly reporting and sales analysis.

Car Control and Security

A Car Booking Software helps in adding and changing features to the existing list, providing a better control and security to the Car Rental Company.

Cost Saving

Installation of Car Booking Software helps in saving cost by tracking the maintenance and saving time for the staff and the admin.

Customer service

Implementation of rental car software enhances the Customer service offered by the Car Rental Company. This is done through reducing over the counter time, easy online booking of the vehicle, checking status of the rental car online and communicating with the customer through email or sms.

To stay ahead, taxi operators and car rental companies across India, Nigeria, United States, Bangladesh, United Kingdom Africa and Middle East, are combining forces with car rental software providers to set up best in class mobile based car rental software. Choose the best travel technology company DAKSH INTERNATIONAL to stay ahead of competition.