SMS Services

Bulk SMS Delhi Welcomes to India’s leading Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi "Dakshworldwide" . We provide best services at reasonable price also Provide SMS Services to opt-in Users/Customers.Bulk SMS Delhi solutions are aimed for generating consistent leads to our clients from diverse background. We put together a series of marketing strategies in order to achieve best results for our esteem clients.Bulk SMS Delhi services are one of the most effective, reliable and cost effective ways to market to your clients & business, because bulk SMS is extremely personal, therefore the response ratio is much higher than other marketing channels. Bulk SMS is the transmission of high volumes of text messages from a variety of interfaces to the mobile phones of multiple recipients.

Our Transactional SMS service will enable you to deliver important information to your customers right away. It is the finest tool to send timely alerts and reach even those who have opted for DND service. Yes, you have the liberty to create the template of the messages according to your needs.

Right from various financial institutions, airlines, railways, banks to credit card companies, transactional SMS service is used. For instance, railways use it to pass on the PNR status to the passengers while bank uses it to deliver the information related to balance in the accounts and all the debits and credits. In fact, educational institutions can make use of transactional SMS service to inform parents and students about the parent-teacher meetings, unit tests etc. It simply means that various industries and institutes can exploit the advantages of transactional SMS service to keep their customers updated at all hours.

Why choose transactional SMS service?

The biggest reason to choose this service is because it results in prompt delivery of information. At any time, banks can send an alert to the customers if their account balance is going low or a company can deliver the information about the ordered products being shipped promptly through this service. The best part is that there is hardly any restriction of time on transactional messages. Users can expect to be notified about every alert on time. Further, our experts are here to make you understand about the entire working of this message service and will guide you throughout.

Promotional SMS

Promote your business in the most optimum manner by availing our promotional SMS service. It will help your customers in staying tuned to your new products and services. We will help you in creating the catchiest promotional message that can captivate the client’s attention!

Promotional messages are sent entirely with the motive of promoting a product or a service. For instance, an e-commerce company can inform its customers about the recent offers on its products while a healthcare company can promote its free checkups and discounts on other blood tests through these promotional messages. You can persuade your customers to buy your products or experience your competitive services. In addition to this, our team will help in creating the most desired, crisp and captivating promotional SMS for you, which is sure to attract your customers. Yes, it will improve your revenues by bringing in more traffic.

Features of our promotional SMS service

You must know that the promotional messages can only be sent between 9 am to 9 pm with no set up cost involved. Further, the gateway options include high priority SMS gateway and normal SMS gateway. The promotional message includes 160 characters that make 1 SMS unit and you will receive real time delivery report. These are template based SMS and we ensure instant delivery of these messages to your customers. Once you have reached us, we will provide you entire information about the other features and prices of our promotional SMS service.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS services are the most ideal for your business when you need to send information to your clients in a way where you can choose to have it recorded naturally.At "Dakshworldwide", our Voice SMS service lets you send personalized messages to multiple customers, giving your business more access to a large customer base. You will have the option of choosing how you would like your messages to be replied, which in turn, will create your system more interactive. Save your man-hours in delivering messages to your customers by experiencing our voice SMS service. We will support you in enabling a system that can create interactive notifications for your clients over the phone. This tool is not only effective but will also strengthen your customer base.