Pay Per Click Advertising & Marketing

"Start instant selling, to the right people at right place with right platform" The PPC - Pay Per Click advertising model is just that allows you to increase your success rate in the market. Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing on the internet. These are ads for your website that appear through some of the largest advertising platforms including Google Adwords. Pay per click (PPC), is also familiarly known as Cost Per Click. It is a method of internet advertising that generates direct traffic towards various websites. Fundamentally, it's a system where advertisers pay the service providers a certain amount of money to promote its products or services in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or other platforms and pay when the advertisement is clicked.

Advertising on Google Adwords is one of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click (PPC)..

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising & Marketing

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising & Marketing

  • PPC has instant results and can generate visitors as soon as you turn on PPC (much faster than SEO which needs to build authority for your site).
  • It is one of the most cost effective methods.
  • It is scalable and highly flexible.
  • It is highly measurable and can be tracked on real time.
  • Through PPC advertising, it is possible to measure or scale your number of clicks, views, visits, costs, etc.
  • Your target keywords will help you to promote your brand and products worldwide to generating more potential customers.
  • PPC Pay Per Click Advertising & Marketing

Difference Between SEO and PPC


  • SEO however is very much a long term strategy. It can sometimes take many months for your site to appear higher in results and you may not realize any instant benefits.
  • SEO is about optimizing your website and content to rank higher in organic search results for targeted keywords on the most impactful search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • SEO can be a time taking approach and has its own set of unique challenges like Google Updates.
  • A Search Engine Optimization is highly important but, if done properly in accordance to Googles algorithm, it could take a while to generate results and traffic.


  • PPC has instant results and can generate visitors as soon as you turn on PPC (much faster than SEO which needs to build authority for your site).
  • PPC (Pay Per Click), on the other hand, is all about paying for advertising space for specific targeted keywords on search results pages.
  • While PPC has no impact of Google Updates.
  • You can manage your budget and measure your ROI much more easily with PPC.
  • 50% of people arriving at a retailers site from paid ads are more likely to buy than those who came from an organic link.
  • Pay-Per-Click is one of the fastest ways to 'jump-start' your businesses digital marketing efforts with immediate traffic


    It is believed that the pay per click method proves to be successful based on the hands of perfect orientation.


    Our deep analysis helps you in analyzing your current marketing status. We also study on feasibility of your objectives, USP's, competitors, products & services, etc. We are well aware about all the recent trends, updates and latest technologies that are burning high in the digital world. A clear sheet of transparency will be maintained.

    WHY Choose Daksh International For PPC ?

  • Google Adwords Certified Professionals
  • Work on all popular platforms like Display Ads, Products Listing, Video Ads, Image & Text Ads
  • Generate more leads or sales in desired budget
  • Location, Days & Time Scheduling & Device wise bidding
  • Moniter Search Terms & assign Negative Keywords to avoid useless clicks
  • Landing Page Optimization to reduce the CPC
  • Mobile Ads Creation for responsive websites to attract the Mobile Users
  • Ads Copy Optimization to improve the Ads Position.
  • ROI Tracking
  • Re-marketing tracking for desired customer
  • Conversion verification
  • Create the Image Ads for Display Advertising for desired customers *
  • Mobile App marketing
  • Massive click & impression
  • Monthly Calls and Reporting as per requirement.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bing Advertising & Marketing

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