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"If You're Not Marketing on Bing You're Missing 33% of U.S. Searchers"
We all know the importance of search engines today and its influence over our day to day lives. Just like Google has always been there for our rescue, Bing is just as equal. Bing is a web search engine that is launched and managed by Microsoft. The Bing ads are designed to impart pay per click advertising in both the Bing and Yahoo search engines respectively. In fact, Bing is increasingly becoming popular among the people for all the good reasons.

As per records, Bing is believed to hold a massive 33% of the users from US in its basket. The Bing ads are created impressively mainly by keeping the focus upon its target audience, specific area and following a strict criteria through which the potential customers can be lured to the websites through the attractive ads.

Advantages of Bing Marketing and Advertising

  • Bing Ads Will Help You Reach 33 Percent of U.S. Consumers.
  • Through Bing ads you can advertise your products on a global scenario. It is the ultimate platform to reach out to the world with your creativity.
  • Customers are readily available everywhere. The Bing search engine helps to attract such valuable audience targeting their needs on the basis of their searches.
  • More than laptops and computers, it is the mobile devices and tabs that are being used on a larger note by the world audience in the recent times. It is popular due to its ‘easy to carry’ feature and also because of its fast and speedy results. The Bing ads for that purpose creates a tremendous buzz around as it is all device friendly. It gives faster search and sales results on the go.
  • As we know, the Bing ads are cost effective by nature. Another advantage is that through these bing ads you can also control your budget. You can control your ad campaigns, edit your advertising goals and much more. It is highly flexible in terms of altercations and control.
  • Thus, among many benefits, it also makes your advertising experience easier with easy methods and by using simple basic tools.

Difference Between Bing Ads and Google Ads

Bing Ads

  • You use Bing Ads to advertise on Bing, Yahoo, and their syndicated search partners.
  • Bing Ads uses one that has a longer, 71 character, limit.
  • The cost-per-click is much lower for Bing ads vs Google AdWords. For those looking for a “cost efficient” option, it may be the right choice to spread dollars further.
  • Bing Ads has less competition and cheaper CPC’s
  • Bing Ads offers more granular control at the campaign and ad group levels.
  • Bing Ads doesn’t force close variants on you.
  • Bing Ads Intelligence Makes Excel a Marketers Dream
  • Whenever we encounter a problem, the Bing representatives are extremely helpful in solving our issues. 24/7 Live Chat support.

Google Ads

  • AdWords is used for advertising on Google and its partners.
  • Google uses two description lines for ad copy.
  • High cost per click rate.
  • Limited service between 10am to 6pm (Saturday & Sunday OFF)
  • More competition and high CPC’s
  • Only campaign level control.
  • No such service.
  • Include & charge for close variants.


Today, Bing has already been regarded as a successful search engine. We understand all the potential worries and questions looming around in the minds of our clients. Well, the good news is we are here to attend you. Our hard core experts will clear all the confusion in the air and present a blueprint of the project to our clients. We will consider all the given factors, by our clients majorly and create the needful ads likewise as per your expectations. Bing Adwords India


What can be more exciting and thrilling to launch and promote a business? Advertising and exclusive marketing are the key to making it work instantly. Services that are rendered best are known to create an appealing atmosphere among the potential and visiting clients and customers. We are equipped with the latest technologies and software’s. Our creations are innovative, budget oriented, flexible and are exclusive in nature. We use the most user friendly language, content, data and objectives to connect with our audience easily.

WHY Choose Daksh International For Bing Advertising & Marketing ?

  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional
  • Qualified Individuals
  • Generate more calls or sales in desigred budget
  • We Provide Actionable Data to Help You Plan Better
  • You’ll Get a Better Return on Investment
  • Bing Ads Intelligence Makes Excel a Marketers Dream
  • Massive clicks & Impressions
  • Conversion verification
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Text Ad & Landing Page Optimization
  • ROI Tracking
  • Landing Page Optimization to reduce the CPC
  • Monthly Calls and Reporting as per requirement.


  • It is the Smart, Ingenious and Unconventional techniques that take the online marketing trend off the floor. Invariably, a lot of methods are applied to get to the root of advertising and marketing. However, it takes better and more refined hands to showcase and operate a flawless marketing process.
  • The most important and accepted marketing technique is the pay per click method. Gone are the days of manual promotions. Now, it is the time of the new world. The customers click certain keywords that are matching their requirements and various ads pop up in the search page. If your keywords are matched, it will come up too.
  • Your ads need to be precise and clear in the product searched for. Here’s your chance to seal the deal. The more attractive the ad will be, the more tempted the customers will be to check out your product. In this way, one can scale and measure the statistics and sales.
  • There are thousands of other factors to be considered under the marketing technique. This will be looked after by our skilled professionals and will present you the project in a more detailed way.

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